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Since its origins, radio has been shown to be the most useful medium of social communication for humanity. Radio waves go beyond borders and freely reach everybody and everywhere, being a very affordable receiver compared to other forms of media. Therefore, it is fair to remember the pioneers who contributed to the great invention of the radio. Distinguished researchers like the German Heinrich Hertz, the Russian Alexander Popov, the French Edouard Branley, the American of Serbian origin Nickola Tesla, the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, the British Oliver Lodge´s, the Spanish Cervera Baviera, the Indian Chandra Bose, etc.

Throughout history there have been many technical and content contributions that have allowed the development of Radio to benefit society. What better way to recognize this medium of communication, than declaring a day that unites World Radio Broadcasting. Thus in 2008, The Spanish Radio Academy, became aware of the need to acknowledge Radio through the international celebrations of The United Nations, requested UNESCO to establish World Radio Day.

This spanish initiative had the unanimous support of the international radio industry and many important institutions from different countries. So, after a long debate held on September 29, 2011 within the UNESCO Executive Board, the date was finally set for February 13 th, which corresponds to the birth of the UN radio in 1946.

Now, all professionals broadcasters and radio listeners around the world have our great day of global celebration. Congratulations !.

       Jorge Álvarez

President of the Spanish Radio Academy

The Spanish Radio Academy delegation in the UNESCO´s headquarters. París, 9/28/2011.

The spanish ambassador at UNESCO, Ion de la Riva, with the Academy delegation.

The president of the Academy with the Assistant Director General of Communication of UNESCO, Janis Karklins.

Jorge Alvarez was present in the 187 Excutive Board meeting of UNESCO. (9/29/2011)